Arrow: City of Blood Trailer Offers First Official Look at Ravager

In the just-released trailer for next week's episode of Arrow, titled 'City of Blood,' fans can [...]


In the just-released trailer for next week's episode of Arrow, titled "City of Blood," fans can get a quick glimpse of Summer Glau as the DC Comics villain/antihero Ravager. Summer Glau's Isabel Rochev didn't appear onscreen in tonight's episode, "Seeing Red," but it was referenced that nobody noticed she wasn't dead. That, thought Team Arrow, was funny, seeing as Diggle shot her while she was trying to shoot Oliver in last week's episode, "The Man Under the Hood." As the audience knew, though, Slade had used the Mirakuru serum to revive his protege, setting her up to be a much bigger threat in the three episodes remaining after tonight.

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In "City of Blood," fans will apparently get their first look at Glau as Ravager, Deathstroke's daughter and sometimes-sidekick, sometimes-adversary in the comics. Well, their first official look, anyway. Set photos leaked via a paparazzi about three weeks ago during the filming of "Streets of Fire," the season's penultimate episode. And while she'll be wearing a version of Ravager's costume, it's probably not safe to assume that Rochev -- who is a character in the comics in her own right -- is actually Rose Wilson. Leaving aside the fact that Rochev had an affair with Robert Queen years before Slade and Oliver ever came to be at odds, and so inserting her into Queen Consolidated would have been a nifty trick, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg said as much during an interview with reporters at a screening last week of "The Man Under the Hood" and "Seeing Red." "Isabel was the one thing that we were't entirely sure about as we were developing the season," showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told reporters at a recent screening. "Truthfully, there was a very early iteration of this [season] where Sara started the season as Ravager, and then we switched over....Obviously, we didn't want to make her Rose and have that trajectory." He admitted, "Part of the reason Isabel disappeared for a while was because we still weren't quite sure which way to go – whether she should be an ally or a villain. We had written it so that it could turn out either way; just, as we were coming down, the scene that I was picturing was Isabel, Slade and Sebastian in Oliver's office – like the triumvirate of evil – and once that happened, there was no way she was not going to be Ravager." What did Glau think of donning the leather, the mask and the blades? Seems like she was cool with it. "It is funny, because when Summer took the part, I was up there on set with her, and she's like 'I've never done anything like this. I feel much better if I'm kicking somebody,'" Kreisberg said. "And I'm just like 'You're so good; you should give yourself more credit! We wanted you because you are a good actress and you feel amazing in this part, not because you can kick ass.' Then I got to call her and say 'Hey. We changed our minds. You get to kick ass.'" "City of Blood" hits the airwaves on April 30 at 8 p.m. on The CW.