Arrow Teases Ray Palmer (The Atom) and Jean Loring

Ray Palmer

On tonight's episode of Arrow, you may have noticed that Laurel made a reference to a couple of her friends...who seem likely to be familiar faces to fans of DC Comics. When she mentioned her friend Ray and his girlfriend Jean, it could be anybody, right? But the most likely scenario certainly seems to be that she's tight with--and therefore that fans might see--Ray Palmer and Jean Loring enter the series. It's interesting, since Ray works for S.H.A.D.E. in the current DC Universe. It seems more likely that we'd see that version of Ray (the lab rat version) than the size-shifting one--although it's worth noting that since Ray's powers are scientific in nature, he's one of a few DC heroes who could plausibly be inserted into the world of Arrow. Jean Loring hasn't yet been seen in the New 52; the last time anybody saw her before Flashpoint, she was a villain--and had been since the best-selling Identity Crisis storyline in which she murdered the wife of one of the other superheroes. Could Jean's obsessive tendencies and willingness to commit violence to get what she want play a role in a prospective future the character could have on Arrow? Certainly it fits fairly well into the show's universe. Thanks to Craig at Green Arrow TV for the heads-up!