Ash Ketchum Gives Safety Tips on Taiwan's Subways


Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the Pokemon anime, has traveled all around the Pokemon world looking for adventures alongside his faithful Pikachu. But some fans have noticed that Ash might have gotten an unusual job to help pay for all of his globetrotting trips. Check out this Taiwanese subway safety poster and see if you spot anyone familiar:

That certainly does look like Ash, albeit without his loyal partner Pikachu. While Ash might be a bit chunkier than he is in the anime, he looks to be wearing his original Kanto outfit, right down to the Pokeball-themed shoes. Some fans have pointed out that the lead person in the line is Kyo from King of Fighters, while the schoolgirl is Sakura from Street Fighter. Here's another look at Ash in the poster:


Chances are a graphic designer had a bit of fun while designing this poster campaign, which debuted several years ago but is still in use. Still, this is a pretty hilarious Easter egg, one that shows that Ash is definitely still traveling the world, even after he grows up.


(via Kotaku)