Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Detailed Analysis

Rocksteady Studios has released its latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, the hotly [...]

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Rocksteady Studios has released its latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, the hotly anticipated finale to the Batman: Arkham video game series. In what is likely to the be final trailer, today's preview revealed tons of new information on Batman's last battle against the forces of Arkham.

From the Scarecrow's big plans to Azrael's disturbing prophecy for the Dark Knight, we break down the trailer's biggest teases, reveals and more.

Double Trouble With Two Face

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After an appearance in 2011's Batman: Arkham City, it looks like Two-Face is back for a second round against Batman. While the trailer only showed a quick glimpse of Harvey Dent, it looks like he and his men are going to capitalize on some form of chaos sweeping Gotham's streets. Two-Face's Arkham City appearance was criminally brief, so here's hoping the character get his due in Arkham Knight.


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As the Scarecrow's voiceover promises death to all, the trailer shows Oracle looking at what appears to be a chemical strain. Could this be the Scarecrow's latest batch of fear toxin? While Dr. Crane is always whipping something new up, it seems like his Arkham Knight plans are the farthest-reaching yet. We'd go as far to say that Scarecrow will infect the entire city with an incredibly powerful toxin, plunging the entire city into chaos. Earlier shots in the trailer show Commissioner Gordon and a small group of his men huddled in the Gotham City Police Department, giving the impression that they're battening down the hatches from the insanity outside. Could Scarecrow put Gotham in complete lockdown?

Release The Drones

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Several shots show Batman and his partners taking down robots containing some type of green liquid. We're assuming that these bots are carriers and delivery system of Crane's latest fear toxin. Other than to give Team Batman something to pummel, we wonder why Crane would have an entire army of robots. High Tech, has never been Crane's style, or budget, making us wonder if he's teamed with someone else in his power play.

The Arkham Knight Isn't Alone

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Speaking of teamwork, the Arkham Knight made it clear that he's no solo act. Standing before an armada of tanks, soldiers, and all kinds of destructive forces, The Arkham Knight proved that he's far more than a singular force. He's a movement, and a well-backed one at that. With such resources, it makes us wonder who's under the Knight's mask. Perhaps he's Ra's Al Ghul's successor to the League of Shadows, coming back to finish his mentor's job after things went south in Arkham City. Or, maybe he's a descendant of the Asylum's founder, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, using the family's riches to enact his own brand of assistance to the criminally insane.

Azrael's Dark Prophecy

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The trailer also revealed that Batman's frenemy, Azrael, will factor into the Arkham War. While Azrael was a hidden Easter Egg in Arkham City, it seems like he will play a much larger role in Arkham Knight. In a voiceover, (that we're assuming is Azrael's) the anti-hero reveals that he know a lot more about The Arkhams than Batman does; citing a dark prophecy and some deeper connections between Arkham City's fall and the The Arkham Knight's rise. How does Azrael know so much, and what could his prophecy foretell? The answers to both questions will likely factor into Arkham Knight's climax.

There will Be A Lot Of Property Damage

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Before the battle is over, Batman and the Arkham Knight are going to blow a lot of stuff up. Just look at the number of cannon shots between The Arkham Knight's tanks and the bat mobile. The battle's scale makes us think that Arkham Knight won't be some intimate battle between two costumed adversaries, but a war. Better find some cover.

Friends In High Places

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Speaking of increased scales, the trailer showed that Batman is bringing in the calvary to stop the Scarecrow and Arkham Knight's forces. With Robin, Nightwing, Oracle, and even Catwoman at his side as playable characters, The Dark Knight is making next adventure a true family affair. Batman primarily operated as a lone-agent in the first two Arkham games, making the Bat-family's heavy inclusion a welcomed change of pace.

What moments in Arkham Knight's trailer stood out to you? Were there any important moments that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Batman: Arkham Knight hits the Playstation 4, X-Box One, and PC on June 23.