Someone Allegedly Threw Chairs From the 10th Floor of a Hotel at Dragon Con

Cosplayers and convention attendees are reporting injuries after someone allegedly threw chairs from the tenth floor onto a crowded landing at the Marriott hotel at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia early this morning.

At 1:40 Am, someone started throwing chairs from the 10th floor into the crowded landing at the Marriott. Spread the word and make sure these people get caught from dragoncon

In a post to the Dragon Con thread on Reddit, user CodyLRuggerio said that at around 1:40 a.m. Sunday someone had thrown chairs onto the landing causing injuries. The user asked that others spread the word to try to identify and catch the culprit. Other users quickly replied with additional details of the event as well as reports of injuries with one poster noting that they had seen at least four ambulances take people from the hotel.

Other comments allege that this is not the first time things have been thrown from the tenth floor onto the landing. Users reported that over the years everything from fake money to potted plants have been thrown down from the lounge onto crowds below.

Though one user indicated that the culprits had been found and arrested, there has not been any media confirmation of the event or arrests. However, if true, the incident would be a blemish on the popular science fiction, pop culture, and fantasy convention.


Dragon Con draws tens of thousands of visitors to the event which includes a popular annual parade. This year's parade featured Stan Lee riding alongside cosplayers dressed as Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson, leading ladies for one of the legendary comic creator's most famous characters, Spider-Man.