Comic Book Hot List for January 18th, 2012

Well everyone, as we all know a new year brings anticipation of the big blockbuster events that [...]

Well everyone, as we all know a new year brings anticipation of the big blockbuster events that await in the future of this year, summer particularly.  Before we look past these often cold, frigid months to sunnier days, let us not forget that plenty of good things are happening in comics right now!  This week in fact.  With that in mind, let's see what's in store for us this week, starting with our friends at Marvel! Marvel 1.  Avengers #21  Storm joins the Avengers, just in time to help take on AIM, the Hand and HAMMER!  All in a day's work. 2.  Moon Knight #9  It's a battle in the city of angels against the Kingpin...of Los Angeles that is! 3.  Thunderbolts #169  Luke is gripped by Mr. Fear, and those crazy kids are still on the run through time! 4.  Uncanny X-Men #5  A new arc starts here, and just what is Tabula Rasa?  You know, in this context. 5.  X-Factor #230  Guess who's back this week?  Nope, wrong it's Havok and Polaris! 6.  Avenging Spider-Man #3  With Red Hulk down for the count, Spidey is left to fend for the Earth! 7.  Invincible Iron Man #512  Everything old is new again, as more classic villains get updated for a new fight. 8.  Amazing Spider-Man #678  Spider-Man has twelve hours to prevent the destruction of New York. DC 1.  Batman #5  Batman's battle with the Court of Owls and Talon continues, and now add on a labyrinth, minus David Bowie 2.  Birds of Prey #5  The birds are still on the hunt for new villain Choke, and nothing will come easy. 3.  Wonder Woman #5  Diana still contends with new facts about her birth and family, and vengeful goddesses on top of that! 4.  Supergirl #5  You can't go home ago, as Supergirl learns when she returns to Argo City to find a nasty new villain. 5.  Catwoman #5  Selina's on the run, and she probably doesn't have time for new baddie Reach. Reach doesn't give her a choice however. 6.  Nightwing #5  It's high times in New Orleans, but not really.  Nightwing still has that whole mystery of the circus hanging over him. 7.  Blue Beetle #5  Jaime is still adjusting to life with his suit, and he learns that the hard way after mortally wounding someone. Image Comics 1.  Chew #23  Tony's going to learn about dead baseball players and he is going to like it!  Probably not. 2.  Hack/Slash #12  "Monster Baiting" begins here, so get your heads out of the gutter and onto the tropical island where this arc is set! 3.  Xenoholics #4  So the captors have now become the salvation for the Xenoholics.  Talk about role reversal. 4.  Prophet #21  The human race needs a savior, and what better man than John Prophet, fresh from cryosleep! 5.  Bomb Queen VII #2  Halfway through with this mini, and ShadowHawk looks to stop her! Dark Horse 1.  Mass Effect: Invasion #4  The conclusion is here, and the battle for Omega ends here. 2.  Conan: Road of Kings #12  Speaking of conclusions, the final issue of this iteration of Conan has arrived! Boom! Studios 1.  Steed and Mrs. Peel #1  Not the Avengers you might expect, but a damn fine team none the less. 2.  Planet of the Apes #10  One time friends and allies now face off on opposite sides of the species war. 3.  Hellraiser Masterpieces #6  More classic horror tales and artwork for fans of the genre here!