Craig of the Creek Hypes TV Return With New Poster

Craig of the Creek has shared a poster for its final episodes!

Craig of the Creek will be returning to Cartoon Network later this summer with the start of its final episodes, and Cartoon Network has shared a new poster for Craig of the Creek: The Sleepover Chronicles! Craig of the Creek will soon be coming back to television with the next half of its fifth and final season. It's yet to be revealed how the series will bring it all to an end, but it seems that Craig of the Creek will be continuing Season 5's trend of bringing things full circle with another huge event spanning over multiple episodes. 

Craig of the Creek kicked off its fifth and final season last year with the Heart of the Forest event, a special arc that saw Craig and the others finally reaching the mystical Heart of the Forest after spending Season 4 gathering all of the pieces to find its location. It's been quite some time since that event came to an end, and Craig of the Creek Season 5B will finally be picking things up with the start of its final few episodes. Craig of the Creek: The Sleepover Chronicles will premiere with Cartoon Network next month, and you can check out the poster teasing these episodes below. 

How to Watch Craig of the Creek Season 5

Craig and the Creek will be coming to an end with Season 5's final episodes, but it's yet to be announced when fans will get to see it all come to fruition. Craig of the Creek: The Sleepover Chronicles will be premiering with Cartoon Network on Saturday, June 1st at 9:30AM (with new episodes then being available for streaming with Max the next day), but it's yet to be revealed how long this new event will last. Either way, this truly is the beginning of the end for the fan favorite animated series. If you wanted to catch up with everything, you can find Craig of the Creek, Jessica's Big Little World spin-off series, and the Craig Before the Creek movie now all streaming with Max 

Craig Before The Creek is an official prequel movie that ties into the main series, so you should definitely check it out more context! It's teased as such, "Before he was Craig of the Creek, he was just Craig – a new kid in a new town. All Craig wants is to go back to his old friends at his old home. But when he learns that the nearby creek is hiding a lost treasure that could make his wish come true, Craig sets off on a journey to find it – navigating the perilous suburban wilderness, forging new friendships, all while being pursued by a fearsome band of pirates who are bent on destroying the Creek itself."