Could Harley Quinn Be In The Killing Joke Animated Movie?

At San Diego Comic-Con International, Bruce Timm confirmed that the next DC Universe Original [...]

At San Diego Comic-Con International, Bruce Timm confirmed that the next DC Universe Original Animated movie would be The Killing Joke, an adaptation of the classic Alan Moore and Brian Bolland graphic novel staring the Joker. In the comics, The Joker escapes Arkham, shoots and paralyzes Barbara Gordon in order to terrorize her father, Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon.

While the Joker's henchwoman, Harley Quinn, was not a part of the original graphic novel, learned that she may head play into the feature length animated adaptation. Earlier in the day during a roundtable discussion for producer Bruce Timm's current production, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, we asked Timm if he had recently recorded a (then) unnamed animated feature with voice actress Tara Strong. Strong, for those who don't know, has voiced the character Harley Quinn since the 2011 Batman video game, Batman: Arkham City. Tim confirmed that he was working on a project with Strong, but would not reveal what the project specifically was.

But, given the later announcement for The Killing Joke, it seems likely that Timm was dodging inquires on The Killing Joke. Again, Harley Quinn was not part of the original story, but given the character's recent surge in mainstream popularity—including the live action Suicide Squad film—DC Animation and Timm might have caught a case of Harley Quinn fever, and wanted to put her in the film. But regardless of whether it's The Killing Joke or not, we do know that Timm and Strong are working on some animated project together.

Could DC Animation pull of a successful Killing Joke Adaptation with Harley Quinn in the mix? Do you think Timm was even referring to The Killing Joke? Let us know in the comments.

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