Could Super Friends Hold a Key to The Flash's Biggest Mystery?

Everyone has been scouring comic books, TV and movies for answers as to the identity and motives [...]

Everyone has been scouring comic books, TV and movies for answers as to the identity and motives of The Flash's Harrison Wells...but did they miss a potentially huge clue by not re-watching old Super Friends episodes?

Geoff Johns, of course, is executive producing the series and has reportedly had a good deal of creative input. He's repurposed characters from Super Friends before, when the Wonder Twins and Wonder Dog appeared during his run in Teen Titans. But those were major characters, whereas a new fan theory proposed by Jonathan Corbitt via Facebook suggests a minor character seen in (one third of) one episode might be key to the mystery.

One thing that you should look into about the "Harrison Wells" theory, is an old, 1980 superfriends episode, "The Elevator to Nowhere". In the cartoon, Wonder Woman and the Atom are summoned by a Dr. Wells. He tells the duo that he can be reached belowground and for them to get into the elevator, which is really a time machine, and they are forced to go on a time travelling adventure unwillingly. Eventually they get back to the present (1980) and incarcerate Dr. Wells. I never says Dr. Wells' First name, but I would assume this is the same, infamous Dr. Harrison Wells.

As you can see from the image above, the art on Dr. Wells does look a little bit like actor Tom Cavanagh would look if he were drawn into an episode of Scooby-Doo. Maybe there's something to it!

A closer look at the episode doesn't reveal anything that Corbitt's initial theory doesn't. The story runs only about 8 minutes, and much of that is spent with Wonder Woman being arrested by George Washington, or Blackbeard the pirate trapping The Atom in a jar.

That said -- it's hard to ignore the fact that Harrison Wells' intimate little chamber, where he's been seen tinkering with time-travel stuff, could easily double as the "elevator" in the cartoon. Hmm...!

You can buy the episode on Amazon here.