Could We See Primus In Transformers: The Last Knight?

The Transformers: The Last Knight Super Bowl spot debuted earlier today before the Big Game itself due to concerns over hacking issues. While there wasn't anything that gave the story away, there was one line of dialog that stood out among the robot-on-robot violence.

It came from Optimus Prime who responded to the voice-over narration if he was seeking redemption and addressed his "Maker".

Those unfamiliar with Cybertronian lore, Optimus could be referring to the deity-entity known as Primus, who is the Lord of Light and Order and essentially their Creator God. Primus was originally introduced in Marvel Comics, and soon made appearances in various animated series and other comics becoming Transformers canon.

There's been speculation on if Unicron will ever be featured in the Transformers live-action universe, and while things definitely look that way, where's there's Unicron, Primus isn't too far behind. Created as an antithesis of order, Unicron represents chaos in the universe and is seen as a creature of destruction to Primus being an incarnation of light and creation. The fact that Optimus could even insinuate something like Primus is a huge deal.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

In the past movies, they've covered higher powered beings like the Fallen, who was originally one of the original Primes. It would be interesting to see if and how Primus would somehow be involved. Would they include Vector Sigma if that was the case as well? We're about to dive into some really deep Transformers cuts.


We'll have to find out as Transformers: The Last Knight is set for release June 23, 2017.