Dan Jurgens: Aquaman and the Others Will Tie Into Atlantean History

Earlier today, DC Comics officially announced the launch of Aquaman and the Others--a new, ongoing [...]

AQ-OTHERS-1-129f6Earlier today

, DC Comics officially announced the launch of Aquaman and the Others--a new, ongoing series written by Dan Jurgens and featuring art by Lan Medina and Ed Tadeo, which will chronicle the adventures of the group of artifact-wielding misfits who have contributed to making Aquaman one of the biggest successes of the New 52. DC gave the exclusive to IGN, who gave a summary of the series that went as follows: "The series will feature Aquaman's team of Others being hunted by a mysterious foe who wants the golden Atlantean artifacts that give them their powers. That plot may sound a tad familiar as it was Black Manta who was hunting down the Others and stealing their artifacts as part of his revenge against Aquaman during Geoff Johns's run, so we'll have to wait and see how this series sets itself apart." It's a fair enough question--especially since The Others have such a short history that it's not likely anyone buying the book won't remember the Manta story. So, what did writer Dan Jurgens have to say in answer to IGN's curiosity? ComicBook.com asked, and he gave us an answer that teased a bit of the tone and content of the series, which is due in stores on April 2. "Motives are everything, in terms of storytelling, and the motivation for our foes is vastly different here," Jurgens said. "It's all connected to the past of Atlantis and Atlan, and the formation of the artifacts themselves." He added, "It also provides us with very convenient way to look at the nature of each of the characters and their artifacts, as well as the two members who died-- Kahina the Seer and Vostok."