Dark Horse To Package 8 Recent #1 Issues for $6 In Dark Horse Number Ones Trade Paperback

A number of Dark Horse's most popular recent comics will see their first issues reprinted at [...]

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

A number of Dark Horse's most popular recent comics will see their first issues reprinted at bargain-basement prices as Umbrella Academy, Lady Killer, and more are collected in Dark Horse Number Ones, a $5.99 trade paperback coming to stores this March.

What's included in the collection? Well, if you can't recognize all of them from the thumbnails above, here's a quick rundown, courtesy of Dark Horse's official announcement...

Dark Horse Number Ones opens the door to new storytelling worlds with eight first issues from a diverse selection of genres:

  • Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's The Umbrella Academy is the story of a group of superpowered children, born on the same day and subsequently adopted and raised by a scientist as secretive as he is wealthy.
  • Mike Mignola's Hellboy in Hell finds Hellboy dead and in Hell, where a throne awaits him—along with familiar faces.
  • Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich's Lady Killer showcases a 1960s homemaker who is also a ruthless assassin for hire!
  • Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston's Black Hammer finds a group of superheroes banished and trapped in a small town as they struggle to return home.
  • Matt Kindt and Sharlene Kindt's Dept. H follows a special investigator assigned to uncover possible sabotage taking place at a deep-sea research station.
  • Brian Wood and Mack Chater's Briggs Land introduces the Briggs family, the leaders of an antigovernment secessionist movement in the United States, as the matriarch, Grace Briggs, attempts to take control from her incarcerated husband.
  • Kurtis Wiebe and Mindy Lee's Bounty features galactic bandits turned bounty hunters as they fight their way across the galaxy.
  • Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook's Harrow County features a young girl who learns about her origins and discovers her supernatural powers.

The release date is March 29, 2017 in the direct market. ComicBook.com reached out to Dark Horse to learn whether or not the series