David Tennant Would Love Purple Man to be in an Avengers Movie

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

In an interview with Vanity Fair, David Tennant talked extensively about transitioning from being a fan-favorite hero to being the terrifying villain of Jessica Jones. As Kilgrave, who is better known in the pages of Marvel Comics as Purple Man, Tennant transforms into a dark, manipulative character who wants what he wants, and takes it.

"I think there's something rather chilling about him. He's not particularly interested in world domination, or accruing vast amounts of wealth, or destroying the Fantastic Four, or whatever it might be," he said of his character. "He's just out to get what he can and he has the extraordinary ability which means that he has a certain indestructibility, really."

Oddly, Tennant says, there's a "horribly appealing" sense to Kilgrave's powers. "Of course, that's something that we all slightly, perhaps at times, start to fantasize about. Maybe that's why he's particularly terrifying to people."

As for his future in other Marvel TV series or Marvel Studios films, Tennant evoked the ever-present "Marvel marksmen trained on us all the time" that every actor in these projects seems to joke about - to the point that it's almost believable. Of course, he would certainly enjoy doing more, even making the leap to the big screen, and these are projects where "#ItsAllConnected."


"There’s an acceptance that we are in the same world as the Avengers and Spider-Man, but you can't quite imagine it happening," he said. "Having said that, I'd be very happy to be in an Avengers movie. Any of them."

He won't "allude to anything," including any appearances in Luke Cage or any of the other Defenders series, but "it's always more fun to keep these enigmas, isn't it?"