DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee Seemingly Confirms Upcoming Relaunch


It only took a few hours of rumors for DC Comics to have some kind of official response to an impending relaunch. Co-Publisher Jim Lee tweeted out an image of a blue curtain with one word across it "Rebirth."

This comes on the heels of last year's DC Comics rebirth - where they brought back not just their multiverse in a big way, but all their multiverses, including previously "destroyed" worlds and timelines like that of the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe, and even told new stories with pre-Crisis DC characters.

The rumors of this Rebirth are not a continuity reboot, just of all-new first issues across the line once more. The new first issues would re-focus the line on characters that are popular or being worked on for film and TV, with secondary characters pushed on the backburner in a significant fashion. That would be different, then, than the 2011 line-wide relaunch that included rebooting the universe.


Fellow Co-Publisher Dan DiDio also shared the image on his facebook page.