DCU Online Adds All-New Trigon Episode

(Photo: Daybreak Games)

The newest episode of DC Universe Online, the massively multiplayer online game that's free-to-play for PlayStation and PC gamers, will finally feature the demonic Trigon as a final boss encounter. Episode 17 of DCUO will launch in October as free DLC for paying members and a paid DLC for those who prefer the basic model.

In the "Unholy Matrimony" eight-person operation, players will take their homegrown superheroes into battle alongside Raven as they chase down and defeat Trigon. it continues the storyline introduced in Episode 8 DLC, Sons of Trigon.

(Photo: Daybreak Games)

The Episode will also include a new storyline mission called "The Flash Museum Burglary." A Duo, this continues the League of Assassins story from two episodes ago. An alternate reality weapon belonging to Talia al Ghul is being stolen from the Flash Museum, and players get to traverse the inside of the monument to stop the crime.