Disney's Streaming Price Could Hurt Netflix

Disney made the headlines yet again yesterday, after CEO Bob Iger spoke with investors during the quarterly earnings conference call, and revealed some exciting information about the company's planned streaming service.

In addition to revealing that the service will be producing original shows based on properties like Star Wars, Monsters Inc. and High School Musical, Iger also mentioned that Disney's streaming option will be extremely competitive with Netflix. In fact, it could pose a major threat to the streaming giant.

Iger mentioned that Disney's service will be priced "substantially below" the Netflix price, which is currently $10.99 for the most popular plan. The reason for Disney's low cost is that it will start with "substantially less volume."

While there certainly won't be as many titles on Disney's service as there are on Netflix, it will definitely boast some in-demand titles. The company is pulling all of its current titles from Netflix's lineup over the course of the next year, and many of those films will only be available on the Disney streaming service. When you combine the beloved classic films with new original series set in the worlds of giant properties like Star Wars and Marvel, this service will undoubtedly become a force to be reckoned with.

There is not an official launch date for Disney's streaming service at this time, but it will be arriving at some point in 2019.