Doctor Who Season 10 Teaser Confirms Missy's Return

As far as casting announcements go, Doctor Who just gave us one of the most unique ones yet.In a [...]

As far as casting announcements go, Doctor Who just gave us one of the most unique ones yet.

In a video recently posted on Doctor Who's official Youtube account, the show confirmed that Michelle Gomez - known on the show as Missy - will be returning for the show's tenth series.

But, in the kind of quirky fashion associated with the show, the video consisted of Gomez - dressed in Missy's usual purple coat - painting the side of a wood block that was revealed to resemble part of a TARDIS. The video ended with Gomez revealing that she'll be "coming out of" the TARDIS soon.

Who fans are already more than familiar with Missy, who has appeared throughout the past two series of the show. Missy is, of course, the latest regeneration of the Master, the Doctor's frequent foil and sometimes adversary. Before Gomez, the role has been played by actors such as John Simm, Anthony Ainley, and Roger Delgado.

In addition to Gomez playing the first female incarnation of the character (a trend many fans want to happen to the show's titular character as well), she has grown Missy into a fan-favorite character, through her unique sense of humor and onscreen chemistry with the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

There's no telling if Gomez will continue to appear on the show once Capaldi departs it at the end of this series, but it's nice to know that fans will be able to see more appearances of Missy in the meantime.

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Doctor Who returns for Season 10 in April 2017.

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