Enlisted and Cougar Town Creator Kevin Biegel Talks His Damage Control and Madrox TV Ideas


During a Reddit AMA yesterday, Cougar Town co-creator and Enlisted creator Kevin Biegel told fans that he and a "famous, cool director" had once kicked around the idea of a TV series based on Marvel Comics's Damage Control.

This was before the announcement of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which it's been noted has some core concepts in common with Damage Control, and right around the same time that Biegel had suggested online that Joss Whedon's first Marvel TV series ought to be based on the Madrox miniseries by Peter David.

Asked whether he would want to try his hand at Madrox himself, Biegel admitted both that he would, and that he'd considered pitching Marvel projects in the past.

"I would absolutely love to do that show," Biegel answered. "I mean come on how good was the Madrox as a Private Eye stuff?" He added, "I also flirted for two seconds/talked about trying to do a Damage Control show with a famous cool director that I barely know. We talked about it like four times over e-mail, that's it -- and then Shield [sic] was announced (f yer periods) and we were like, yeah... no one would want to do that."

In January of 2013, Biegel's TBS sitcom Cougar Town (co-created with Scrubs and Spin City creator Bill Lawrence) aired an Avengers-themed episode.


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