EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Heroes 2015's Angel Team-Up Coming This Week

Marvel Heroes 2015 just celebrated their second anniversary with a huge update, including a total [...]

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Marvel Heroes 2015 just celebrated their second anniversary with a huge update, including a total revamp of the Team-Up and Retcon systems, new balance for The Thing, and the addition of Doctor Doom as the 48th playable character.

But developer Gazillion isn't resting on their laurels. A new update this week (Thursday or Friday) will add a new team-up character, the founding X-Men character Angel, teased months ago with the team-up pack. Gazillion has provided ComicBook.com with the exclusive reveal of his in-game look.

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Warren Worthington, III was one of the initial recruits for Charles Xavier's team of heroes that would protect a world that hates and fears them, the X-Men. Alongside Jean "Marvel Girl" Grey, Scott "Cyclops" Summers, Henry "The Beast" McCoy, and Robert "Iceman" Drake, Angel's feathery wings and ability to fly worked alongside his wealth and playboy status to make him a formidable foe on and off the battlefield since his first appearance in X-Men #1 in 1963.

Angel has been through a lot (like most of the mutants) over his more than 50 years in the comics. The character was recruited by Apocalypse to be his Horseman of Death in 1987, and transformed into the fearsome Archangel. Even as he escaped Apocalypse's control, his blue skin and poison-tipped metal wings remained, and for decades he battled with the darkness implanted within. He fought it back, and had his real wings come and go, as well as the blue skin, over the years. This came to a head just a couple of years ago as the character fulfilled his destiny as Apocalypse's heir. After siring two heirs of his own, he was finally purged of Apocalypse's influence once and for all, causing the metal wings to shed (again) and his original feathers to grow back (again). However, that came with a cost: complete loss of his memories, relationships, and really a completely different personality taking control (as well as a significant de-aging).

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Angel has been a summon attacker for Cyclops in Marvel Heroes 2015 (along with the other original X-Men), but now joins as a Team-Up for any hero. His look, based on his costume and appearances during the Messiah Complex crossover story, features his feathered wings and white skin, and the classic halo on the outfit. Gazillion didn't have details on his abilities, but in addition to flight, Angel has had the ability to heal others, along with capable hand-to-hand combat and his various Archangel abilities (no word on when those will eventually be an option, yet, either, though Archangel was confirmed as part of the pre-order).

He marks the 27th team-up including special variants and achievement/event-only unlockables. He's the fifth mutant team-up including Firestar, Wolverine, Havok, and Magik (plus a couple of variants). With Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Iceman all playable, this leaves Beast as the only member of the original X-Men to not be either playable or a team-up (though he is a summon for Cyclops).