Firefly's Alan Tudyk on Comic Conventions, Blue Beetle, and His New Show, Con Man

(Photo: Zach D Roberts)
For browncoats like myself that would love to see a second season of our beloved Firefly we have a bit of a reprieve. Alan Tudyk's Con Man brings the band back together in a hilarious and often awesomely awkward series available now on Vimeo.

In Con Man, Tudyk plays Wray Nerely who starred in a Firefly-like sci-fi show called Spectrum. Like Firefly, it also was cancelled and has become a cult favorite. Con Man follows Wray's travels in the convention world, trying to get new work and dealing with the fan boys (and especially girls) that love the show.

Tudyk, in an interview with, stated that much of the show is based on his real life.

"It's hard to separate…all of it. Of my true life experiences, definitely my experience going to cons. I was introduced to cons after Firefly was cancelled and had never been to a con before. And so I entered this world, since we're at a convention, this world as an innocent. And an outsider, I saw things a different way that had been going their entire lives."

We sat down with Alan Tudyk, for an interview that delved into comic book culture, conventions and oddly what type of beetle that he'd like to be. For the full interview watch below.

You can check out Con Man on Vimeo.


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