Happy Birthday! Patrick Warburton Turns 52 Years Old Today

Happy birthday, Patrick Warburton! The actor turns 52 years old today.Born in November 1964, [...]

Happy birthday, Patrick Warburton! The actor turns 52 years old today.

Born in November 1964, Patrick was raised by parents John and Barbara in New Jersey alongside his three sisters. The actor was brought up in a conservative household before Warburton moved to California to study marine biology at Orange Coast College. Before he would graduate, Warburton elected to drop out of school and pursue a career in acting.

Much of Warburton's first gigs were minor roles on television. He became more popular in the 1990s after appearing on Seinfeld as David Puddy before he nabbed a role in Men in Black II. Shortly after, Warburton was then cast as The Tick in FOX's titular and short-lived series.

Over the years, Warburton has become very famous for his deep, robust voice. The actor voices Rip Riley in FX's Archer. Disney fans will recognize his voice from Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove and Steve Barkin from Kim Possible.

Fans will also know Warburton from his work on The Venture Bros. The actor voices Brock Samson. Warburton also voices Joe Swanson in the wildly popular animated series, Family Guy.

Happy birthday, Patrick!

(Photo: Fox )