Heroes Reborn Recap with Spoilers – The Needs of the Many

The show opens with Tommy and his mother still trapped inside of their car, which was struck [...]

The show opens with Tommy and his mother still trapped inside of their car, which was struck last episode. Tommy teleports outside of the car, but his mother is still trapped inside. After teleporting his mother to the hospital, Tommy faints just as the cops arrive.

In St. Louis, Joanne knocks on the door of the home of a man with powers and shoots him between the eyes as he answers. Joanne argues with her husband Luke, who's secretly trying to come to terms with his newfound powers, over the dead man before their argument is cut short by the man's dog, who lies down next to his owner and whimpers.

Farah, the invisible woman accompanying Malina, finishes her daily prayers in the frosty wastelands of the Arctic Circle and makes her way to a small encampment nearby. She comes across a flock of frozen butterflies and pulls out a compass, which is going crazy. Malina appears behind her and says that it's time to head south. Using her elemental powers, Malina somehow brings the entire flock of butterflies back to life.

As Ren and Miko prepare for their trip to America, Ren explains how he is a famous gamer and says he can use that to help them in their journey. He films a small message to his thousands of online followers that he's journeying alongside the real life "Katana Girl" and to meet them at Renautas's headquarters dressed as their favorite Evernow characters the following day.

Meanwhile, Noah and Quentin sit outside of Renautas headquarters, planning their next move. Quentin is convinced that Renautas has his sister and is using her shadow controlling powers for some evil purpose. The pair decide to confront Taylor and explain that her mother is rounding up Evos for a nefarious plan. Taylor's not fully convinced, but talks to Erica anyways and grills her about her missing superpowered boyfriend, Francis. Erica doesn't give any straight answers, but says that she's doing what she can to save their race and asks if Taylor trusts her.

In Los Angeles, Jose secretly uses his phasing ability to work on a car left behind by his dead father. Carlos, still recovering from his beatdown from last episode, comforts Jose before realizing that a souped up suit could give him an advantage against the corrupt and superpowered Captain Dearing, who's been hunting superpowered humans across Los Angeles.

Tommy's waiting at the hospital for his mother. Emily and Fred arrive to see how Tommy is doing. A nurse arrives and explains that, while his mother has stabilized, she needs a blood transfusion to live. Tommy asks the nurse to test his blood to see if it's a match, even though both he and Emily know that it could reveal that he has powers.

Farah and Malina stop on their journey south so that Malina can practice her powers. A hiker passes by as Malina causes a tree to spontaneously grow out the ground. The hiker tries to call for help, but Farah stops him before he can say anything over his phone. Farah then tells Malina that her training is over.

Back at their hotel, Luke tries to convince Joanne to give up their quest of vengeance and return to their old life. Joanne notices that Luke is acting suspicious, but Luke claims that he's just feeling ill. After feeling Luke's forehead and realize that he's burning up, Joanne leaves to get Luke some medicine. Luke begins to test his powers and realizes that they're activated by sunlight. Luke looks outside and sees the Northern Lights shining in the sky. Noah, Tommy, Miko and Carlos all see the Northern Lights, too, despite being separated by thousands of miles. Back in Canada, Malina asks Farah if the others realize what's coming, to which Farah says she hopes not, for their sake.

As Miko and Ren travel across the Pacific via plane, Miko wonders if she's truly alive (referencing a remark from Harris last episode). Ren assures her that a dead person couldn't eat pretzels and then says he wouldn't care if she was dead.

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Carlos reveals to Father Mauricio his new costume, complete with enhanced strength. Mauricio isn't impressed, as he says it's the man under the suit that's more important. The priest also warns Carlos that the cops are searching for them both, but Carlos isn't deterred on his quest for revenge.

Tommy learns that his blood test came back negative and that the nearest transfusion is six hours away in Indiana. The nurse also hints that the blood test revealed Tommy's powers, but Tommy decides to grab Emily and head to Indiana to get the blood needed to save his mother's life. Tommy and Emily almost share a kiss before teleporting to Indiana to retrieve the blood. However, when they return to the hospital, they find out that the federal government has already been alerted and agents stop Tommy and Emily before they can escape.

Taylor assists Noah and Quentin into breaking into Renautas' headquarters by ambushing two guards. As they search for Molly, Harris and several of his clones confront him. Although Harris has the numbers advantage, Noah shoots a fire extinguisher to create cover for himself as he quickly dispatches the rest of the clones, causing them to disintegrate into piles of dust.

As Luke and Joanne continue their road trip across country, Luke finally reveals that he has powers and tells Joanne that he can't keep going on their killing spree across the country. Joanne stops the car and puts her gun to Luke's head, but she can't pull the trigger. Instead, she gets out of the car and walks away from Luke, leaving him on the side of the road.

Jose discovers his deceased father's hidden lair and realizes that his father was the masked luchador Vengador. He shows the mask to Father Mauricio and demonstrates his phasing abilities, but Captain Dearing arrives at the garage, shoots Mauricio and kidnaps Jose.

Underneath Renautas' headquarters, Taylor, Noah and Quentin comes across a room filled with chairs, similar to the ones Molly Walker was seen in last episode. Taylor sees her boyfriend Francis strapped to a chair, while Noah realizes that Erica has found a way to mimic Sylar's ability to replicate powers. Noah finds Molly and unstraps herm but instead of escaping Molly grabs Noah's gun. Molly says that Erica plans to wipe out humanity and implores Noah to "forget the past and save the future" before shooting herself in the head. While that's going on upstairs, Ren and Miko reveal themselves to a throng of adoring Evernow gamers and fans.

Harris enters Erica's office and tells her of Molly's death and the role Taylor played in helping Noah Bennett escape. Molly's death means Epic's ability to track superpowered humans has been greatly reduced, although they did manage to locate Malina before Epic shut down entirely. Erica tells Harris to find Malina and kill her before she interferes with their plans. She also tells Harris to bring "the Shadow" with him, presumably to give them an edge against the powerful young girl. The episode ends with our first glimpse at "the Shadow", a young woman sitting inside a dusty room holding a spinning ball of darkness. Who else thinks that the Shadow is Quentin's missing sister?

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