Iron Man Cartoon Sneak Peek to Air on President’s Day

Nicktoons, a sister station of the kid's channel Nickelodeon, announced on Thursday that it will air a special sneak peak of the upcoming Iron Man Armored Adventures. The announcement appeared after a 6:30 PM re-airing of the fourth episode of another animated Marvel Comics series, Wolverine and the X-Men.

In the commercial message, Nicktoons indicated plans to re-air the first five Wolverine episodes on Monday evening starting at 10 PM as part of their President's Day of Destruction Marathon. After the first pair of episodes air, the channel will then show a sneak peak of the upcoming Iron Man cartoon at 11 PM.


This is the second animated series to feature Iron Man. His first series aired in the early 90s as part of the Marvel Action Hour on Fox, sharing the hour with the Fantastic Four. Marvel Action Hour lasted for 26 episodes over a span of two seasons. The upcoming Nicktoons version of Iron Man will debut in April.