iZombie Creator Chris Roberson To Write Hellboy

iZombie co-creator Chris Roberson is entering the Mignolaverse. Dark Horse Comics today announced that Roberson will write a 12-page story with artist Michael Walsh (Secret Avengers) for the Hellboy Winter Special. Roberson will then join creator Mike Mignola as the co-writer on Hellboy & the B.P.R.D., along with artist Paolo Rivera (Daredevil), following the conclusion of John Arcudi's run on B.P.R.D.

"I was sorry to see John go and obviously, it was going to be a very big deal who was going to take over John's role," Mignola tells EW. "And the reason why our stuff has worked for so long is that it's only been a couple of writers on this stuff. Scott Allie was the editor, now he's the writer, and then John and I. So the idea of bringing someone in this late in the game was really horrifying.

"We were looking awhile back for an artist to take over this Witchfinder comic of ours," Mignola continues. "And Scott suggested Chris. And when Chris wrote his outline, for the Witchfinder book, he went through so much of my stuff and connected so many dots and brought so many threads together. It was apparent right off that he wanted to play in this world — that he was willing to look at this world that we've been creating and pull bits of it together into something."

Roberson's run co-writing Hellboy & the BPRD will kick off in 2016.

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