Mike Huckabee Calls Superman Renouncing His Citizenship Disturbing

You had to know this was coming. Potential Presidential candidates are starting to voice their views over the Superman citizenship controversy. Mike Huckabee recently weighed in on Fox News. When told of Superman's plans to renounce his U.S. citizenship, Mike Huckabee said, "Well, it is a comic book, but you know it's disturbing that Superman, who has always been an American icon, is now saying 'I'm not going to be a citizen.' I think it's part of a bigger trend of Americans almost apologizing for being Americans." When the Fox News anchor suggested that this whole thing might just be a publicity stunt and that people would go out in droves to buy an issue where Superman renounces his citizenship, Mike Huckabee responded, "I'm not, and I'll tell you, I'm disturbed by this whole globalist trend. You know what, I think we ought to be teaching young Americans that they're young Americans. That it means something to be an American." We're betting that Donald Trump will be the next potential Presidential candidate to weigh in on the whole Superman citizenship controversy. Mike Huckabee On Superman Citizenship