Mysterious Pokemon Featured in New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

With just a couple of months left before Pokemon Sun and Moon's release, Nintendo and the Pokemon [...]

With just a couple of months left before Pokemon Sun and Moon's release, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company are continuing to roll out new surprises for the game. The newest trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games showed off a few more new Pokemon and left fans with even more questions.

Three new Pokemon were revealed in the trailer, including Jangmo-o, a Dragon type Pokemon that appears to be the basic evolution for the region's "quasi-Legendary" Pokemon. Each Pokemon game has introduced a new "quasi-legendary" Pokemon like Dragonite, Tyranitar or Goodra with maxed out stats, and it's probable Jangmo-o will evolve into one of the Alolan Region's most powerful Pokemon.

Also introduced was a new Pokemon called Type: Null which looks almost like a chimera of different creatures, but is a Normal type. According to the Pokemon Sun & Moon webpage, Type: Null is a "Synthetic" Pokemon created by unknown people to complete a "certain mission". Type: Null can synthesize the strengths of different Pokemon, allowing it to adapt to different situations. Type: Null also wears an artifically created mask designed to control its powers.

In addition to new Pokemon, the trailer also showed off a new group that lives and works in the Alola region. The Aether Foundation is an organization that works in the Alola region and researches different type of Pokemon. They protect Pokemon harmed by Team Skull and are based out of the Aether Paradise, an artificial island in the middle of the Alolan region.

One of the Aether Foundation's projects is to research "Ultra Beasts", mysterious and powerful Pokemon that pose a threat to both humans and other Pokemon. The trailer showed off one of these Pokemon, code named "UB-01", which resembles a large jellyfish. It's highly possible there's a connection between UB-01 and Lillie, Professor Kukui's mysterious assistant, given the resemblance between the two characters.

The trailer also revealed that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will have different in-game clocks, set 12 hours apart. So a player who playsPokemon Sun at noon will see the Alolan Region during the day, while a player playing Pokemon Moon at the same time will see the Alolan Region at night. In previous Pokemon games, certain Pokemon only come out during the day or night, but it's unclear how the time difference will impact the game. The games will also have different Totem Pokemon. For instance, Gumshoos will be a Totem Pokemon in Pokemon Sun, while the Alolan Raticate will be a Totem Pokemon in Pokemon Moon.

Finally, the trailer showed off two new features in Pokemon Sun & Moon. Players in both games will be able to collect Zygarde Cells (the individual Pokemon that form the more powerful Zygarde Formes) using a Zygarde Cube given to the players by Dexio and Sina. Both Dexio and Sina appeared in Pokemon X & Y as Professor Sycamore's assistants. Players will also be able to take pictures of Pokemon using a Poke Finder camera. Players will earn "thumbs up" for taking better pictures, and collecting "thumbs ups" will unlock new features. So, it's basically like an updated version of Pokemon Snap!

Pokemon Sun & Moon will be available on November 18th in the United States and Japan, and November 23rd in Europe.