NC Comicon Brings Fun, Costumes and Comics to All Ages

This weekend saw the return of what is quickly becoming a must-do for comic book fans in North [...]

This weekend saw the return of what is quickly becoming a must-do for comic book fans in North Carolina and even beyond.  NC Comicon, lasting from Saturday, November 5th until 6PM on Sunday the 6th, brought together fans of comic books, art, and games into one environment for a weekend of great entertainment and value for their money.  "I'm here to get a good deal on some comics," said Amy Stevens from Greensboro, NC, "I love the fact that there are lots of vendors here and shops, and they're offering some good prices for what they have."  Other attendees took advantage of early ticket sales in order to get in line for those deals earlier than others, while others were present not only for the comic book sales, but for the artists attending as well. Some were looking forward to the panels, which would cover topics such as comic book collecting to writing, with Clevinger and Fred Van Lente discussing their work. Industry figures such as Jamal Igle, Brian Clevinger, Tommy Lee Edwards, Arthur Suydam, Howard Chaykin, and many more were on hand to chat with fans, sketch and promote their work.  Two "Artist Alleys" were set up in different parts of the Morrisville Outlet Mall, located just off of Interstate 40 near the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.  "It's kind of interesting that it's broken up into parts like it is in a mall," said Matthew Hart of Wilmington, NC, "but I like it because there's plenty of room to walk around and you don't have the noise level that happens at some other shows. It's different but good."  Boom! Studios was also on hand, as well as Tsunami Studio and several retailers from across the state and region.  The dealer room was a frenzy of activity, as shoppers looked for treasures from across the different eras of comics history.  "I'm pretty impressed with some of the selection the dealers have.  It's amazing to me as a new collector just what they brought to this show," said Steve Harris of Danville, Virginia.  Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age books were all on display, as well as several vendors offering comic book themed jewelry, plush dolls based on popular characters, anime DVDs, comic book supplies and much more. Another addition to this year's convention was the appearance of two gaming tournaments.  One was a Magic:The Gathering tournament, with the winner receiving $750.00 and a spot at the $50,000 SCG Invitational in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Another tournament for the popular HeroClix line will take place the following day on Sunday, with the winner getting their choice of either a Giant Sized Starro or Fin Fang Foom character.  Sunday also features a costume contest, with divisions for kids, men and women.  For many, the costumes are an interesting part of the convention experience.  "It's (the costume contest) one of main reasons I come to any show.  I mean, you have all sorts of characters and you never know what people are going to look like," said Amanda Banner of Charlotte, North Carolina. Hundreds of people attended Saturday's show, and Sunday's attendance appears to be just as high, with many people attending both days to maximize their experience.  With the success of this year's certain, next year's show is set to match or exceed its success.  For more information, click on the link below!