New Star Wars Rebels Teaser Trailer Released

A new teaser for Star Wars Rebels has been released online via Empire.The trailer shows the crew [...]

Star Wars Rebels teaser

A new teaser for Star Wars Rebels has been released online via Empire. The trailer shows the crew of the Ghost battling it out with a squadron of classic trilogy style stormtroopers. Star Wars Rebels begins five years before A New Hope in the Star Wars saga and will be the first new addition to the Star Wars canon since it was redefined as including only the Star Wars films and the The Clone Wars animated series. Executive producer David Filoni said that there is a team in place to make sure that the story in Rebels doesn't conflict with the upcoming Episode VII. "I am aware of things that are going on all over the Star Wars galaxy," said Filoni. "The same story team that is working on collaborating with the creatives on the feature collaborates with me, so I have a direct link to everything going on, which is incredibly exciting and incredibly stressful because of all the secrets that we now carry inside our astromech units. You know, I think it's important. I love working with creative teams that appreciate that and take the time to make it all happen, because you can imagine that it's a tremendous effort to have all these stories going on the whole time." Star Wars Rebels debuts this fall on Disney XD. The full Star Wars Rebels trailer will debut on Star Wars Day - Sunday, May 4.