New Trailer for Pokemon GO Released

Nintendo and Niantic Labs released a new trailer to celebrate the release of Pokemon GO. The 90 second trailer shows three trainers exploring Los Angeles and playing Pokemon GO on their phones. The trailer shows off many of Pokemon GO's features, including catching Pokemon, evolving Pokemon using candy and battling Pokemon at gyms that correspond to real world landmarks.

As part of the ongoing rollout, Niantic also started a specialized Pokemon Go Twitter account to announce news and updates about their new game. Niantic hinted that Pokemon GO will have events to catch Legendary Pokemon (as shown in the very first Pokemon GO teaser), so players should keep an eye on that Twitter account for more news. Sadly, Pokemon GO's Twitter first announcement was that there servers were overwhelmed with traffic.


Pokemon GO is currently available in the United States, New Zealand and Australia for iPhone and Android devices. The app is free to play and features optional microtransactions.