No Immediate Crossovers Planned For Supergirl TV Series

For the time being, it looks like CBS’ Supergirl will be stuck in National City.While DC [...]


For the time being, it looks like CBS' Supergirl will be stuck in National City.

While DC Entertainment's other "CW Universe" shows like The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow will all cross-over next season, Supergirl producer Greg Berlanti confirmed that there are no immediate crossovers planned for Kara Zor-El.

"The network has said publicly at this point they're going to keep her to themselves," Berlanti told Variety at this week's Upfront Presentation. "I always approach the shows as a fan first, so I would love to see (a crossover). I think in success, all things are possible. But there's a lot that would have to happen before everybody might say yes to that."

This might come as a disappointment for some, as Berlanti has said that Supergirl may exist in the Flash/Arrow/Legends Universe, despite airing on another network. And given the Berlanti is a producer on all four series, many were especially hopeful that the producer could wrangle a deal between The CW and CBS. But based on Berlanti's comments, it doesn't seem like a Supergirl crossover is impossible.

What say you readers? Did you want Supergirl to team-up with another DC TV hero in her first season? Sound off below.

Supergirl premieres this November on CBS.