Rare Red Baron Peanuts Comic Strip Up For Auction

A piece of Peanuts history is up for grabs—to the highest bidder, of course.

A rare Sunday Peanuts strip, featuring Snoopy as Flying Ace, will go on auction this Thursday, October 30th. The strip, hand drawn by Schulz and only one of eight Peanuts strips to run on New Years Day, has an opening bid of $18,000. In the strip, above, Snoopy dreams that he is the The Flying Ace, celebrating New Years Day by having one too many root beers at a foreign bar.

Other original Peanuts comics strips are also up for auction. Dating as far back as 1954, the strips include Linus and the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown star-gazing with Shermy, Charlie Brown learning to write with a pen, Schroeder playing the piano for Lucy, Charlie Brown in an aggressive game of baseball with Lucy, and more.


The auctions are accessible online through Nate D. Saunders Auctions.