Power Girl Gets A Controversial New Costume

Power Girl New Costume

Things just keep on changing in the new DC Universe. There was the whole pants vs. no pants controversy with Wonder Woman. Then, there was the whole red trunks vs. no red trunks controversy with Superman. Now, add the cleavage vs. cleavage free costume controversy over Power Girl to the list. DC Comics has unveiled a brand new look for Power Girl, which happens to reverse the trend of female characters in revealing costumes. In what is almost an unheard of move in the comics industry, Power Girl's costume is actually becoming more conservative, as the familiar oval opening revealing her cleavage appears to have been closed up. However, it could possible still be there and just hidden by the cape that now loops around to the front.

Power Girl Costume Change

Power Girl's new look is being hotly debated online, as some fans miss the open oval look. Wonder why? Other fans find the new more conservative look a step in the right direction. The new Power Girl will be featured with the new Huntress in the upcoming World's Finest series from DC Comics. World's Finest #1 is scheduled to be released in comic book stores in May 2012. The series will be written by Paul Levitz with artwork by George Perez and Kevin Maguire. So what do you think of Power Girl's new look? Is it about time that DC Comics came up with some more modest designs for their superheroines? Or is the new costume too much like a female version of the Supreme costume?

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