Sky Movies Star Wars Saga Trailer Highlights Best Moments So Far

(Photo: Sky Movies)

Podracing and Darth Maul, and the initial call to action: What are the three coolest things about The Phantom Menace?

Sky Movies has done an excellent job with a new partially-animated trailer that highlights all the best moments of Star Wars Episodes 1-6. The channel will be airing the original trilogy and prequel trilogy this month starting on December 11, 2015 to help hype their viewers up for the new film hitting theaters a week later.

Every moment in these trailers is a glorious one - but even they couldn't find too much out of Attack of the Clones aside from the best-placed "I've got a bad feeling about this" from anything Star Wars ever (I kid, I kid).

Check out the trailer, and if you're in Sky viewing areas, well, you know what you're doing in ten days.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh episodic film in the series, hits theaters in the US on December 18, 2015.