Spider-Man To Get A New Costume

First, DC Comics shook things up with the New 52, which gave Superman a new costume. Then, the [...]

Spider-Man new costume

First, DC Comics shook things up with the New 52, which gave Superman a new costume. Then, the minute things started to slow down, DC Comics shocked the world with Before Watchmen (or at least the part of the world that hadn't read the numerous leaks and rumors). What's poor Marvel Comics to do in order to steal the buzz back? How about giving Spider-Man a brand new costume? While much of the focus at Marvel has been on The Avengers lately with a much anticipated movie only months away, Spider-Man has not been forgotten (after all he has his own movie coming out in July). Marvel Comics recently dropped a teaser called Spider-Men with a June 2012 date. Now, Marvel is going even further by teasing a costume change for Spider-Man. In a preview for the upcoming Spider-Man epic called "Ends Of The Earth," Marvel Comics shows snapshots of Peter Parker donning a brand new Spider-Man costume. While the new Spider-Man costume has the familiar red, black, and blue colors, it appears to be a completely different design from Spidey's old costume. The black gloves feature red rings and knuckles. The red boots have a hi-tech sneaker look with black panels. There is even a blue utility belt and some type of red helmet.

Spiderman's New Costume Design

It's unclear if Spider-Man's new costume is meant to be a permanent change or just something he's wearing for this particular adventure. With all the noise that DC Comics is creating, it wouldn't be surprising if Marvel Comics made this (or at least promoted it as) a permanent change to get back into the news. Spider-Man's new costume will debut in the Amazing Spider-Man #682, which is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on March 21, 2012. The issue kicks off a six issue series called "Ends Of The Earth," where Spider-Man will attempt to save the world from Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Six. The series is written by Dan Slott with art by Stefano Caselli.