The Flash Cast Discuss Their Characters, The Fans and Discovering Comics

A number of members of the cast of The Flash caught up with IGN during a recent red carpet event, [...]

A number of members of the cast of The Flash caught up with IGN during a recent red carpet event, and the videos have just been uploaded.

Among those in attendance with Candice Patton (Iris West), Jesse L. Martin (Detective Joe West), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon) and Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells).

"When you meet [Iris], she's a graduate student studying criminal psychology and she's the longtime best friend of Barry Allen -- The Flash -- on the show," Patton said of her character. "They have been friends for a long time but there's friends for potential love. As people know in the comic books, that's kind of where it heads."

She added that Iris will be a character who doesn't know Barry's secret identity, and that while she thinks her character could learn fairly quickly, she's not sure what will happen yet.

She also said that the excitement on the part of the fans has been infectious for the cast and crew, and that getting the job  has turned her into a comic book fan after never having read them before.

"I end up raising Barry; when whatever happens to his parents, I actually take over the parenting duties and raise him and Iris together," Martin said. "I raise them as brother and sister and now that they're older, start to notice some things that are not brother and sister, if you know what I mean. And not to mention, our story's about the birth of a superhero -- particularly the pilot. So I notice some things about Barry that are quite extraordinary."

A consistent theme that ran through the interviews was the surprise that many of the actors felt at realizing just how rabid the comics fan base was, and how eager they were for information.

"It turns out, this whole comic book thing has a big following," Cavanagh joked. "I don't know if I'm revealing any secrets on your show, but it turns out it's a very popular world."

Regarding his actual character, Cavanagh said, "This is the funny thing -- this is my first first foray into the comic book universe and one of the first times that I've been cautioned 'Don't say too much.'...There's a very strong bond between Wells and Allen."

"To go from watching Arrow and being a fan of Arrow and loving it to being in Arrow and doing that whole crossover thing, I'm over the moon," said Valdes.