The Flash: Robbie Amell Says Firestorm Will Be Dangerous

When Robbie Amell appears on Tuesday's episode of The CW's The Flash, he'll be the first actor ever to bring Ronnie Raymond -- one half of the Firestorm Matrix -- to life in live action. 

And while he's already seen some mock-ups for his powers and has a sense of how they'll play on screen, arguably what's more interesting is that he describes his character as "dangerous" and "explosive."

"You meet Ronnie Raymond tomorrow [in 'Things You Can't Outrun'] and then in December, you meet Firestorm," Amell told The Hollywood Reporter. "It'll take a minute before Firestorm turns back into Ronnie because when they find him in December, my character is really going through some stuff. He's schizophrenic, doesn't know what's happening, he's confused and dangerous to the people around him. You may not see Ronnie Raymond for a little while, but you'll see Firestorm."

It sounds, then, like Firestorm will be playing a part sometime during either the run-up to the midseason finale, or in the midseason finale itself. Since he says in the first interview linked above that his role might have a little bit of crossover with Arrow, but not much at all, don't be too surprised if Firestorm is teased in the Arrow crossover episode of The Flash and then appears in full the next week for the midseason finale.

Amell added, "From the amount of powers they've given him, he's going to be a difficult foe for anyone to go up against."