The Flash Season Two Teases Jay Garrick's Arrival

The Flash has released its latest teaser image for Season Two, featuring Jay Garrick's iconic Flash helmet.

The famed headwear, which first appeared in The Flash's first season finale, belongs to none other than the Flash of Earth 2. Jay Garrick, played by actor Teddy Sears, will debut on The Flash Season Two. This image comes after the Flash's first Jay Garrick teaser, which re-created the iconic "Flash of Two Worlds." comic book cover. In the image, below, The Flash challenges its viewers to get on Jay Garrick's level.


Hold onto your hats, season 2 of #TheFlash premieres in just 36 days!

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The Flash Season Two premieres October 6 at 8:00 on The CW. Are you ready for Jay Garrick? Let us know in the comments!