The Last Ship Episode 2: Welcome To Gitmo Recap With Spoilers

The episode opens where the pilot left off, with Quincy on the phone and speaking in Russian. He [...]

The episode opens where the pilot left off, with Quincy on the phone and speaking in Russian. He tells whoever is on the other end that they're heading for Guantanamo Bay and he doesn't know how long they'll be there. He's told to stall. He gets off of the phone and talks to Dr. Scott, who tells him that they will restock on supplies at Gitmo. Quincy tries to convince Dr. Scott to let him go ashore instead of her, but she only says she'll think about it.

On deck, the crew of the Nathan James are running through tactical drills in preparation for entering Gitmo.

Lt. Granderson set up communications specialists to run shifts keeping track of any transmissions. She warns them that they'll hear a lot of distress signals, but under no circumstances can they respond. One asks if the ship is still being followed by the Russians, but Granderson says they don't know that.

X.O. Slattery is being informed that he fuel the ship took from the Italian cruise ship is damaged and degrading. He tells them to slow the ship down, but Chandler has ordered the ship remain at its current speed despite the fuel conditions.

Foster walks in on Danny while he's eating. She tries to reach out to him concerning Frankie's death, but he remains closed off.

That night, Jeter holds a vigil on the deck for the crew to say prayers for their loved ones back home.

Dr. Scott explains the rules of the virus to Chandler, Slattery and a few other men: it's airborne and its symptoms include lethargy, a cough, lesions, and dementia, with an incubation period of 3-5 days. She believes it's stabilized and says that dogs are immune, while other animal can catch the virus but not transmit it to humans. Slattery questions how sure she can be, but she says she'd tell them if she were uncertain.

Speaking in private, Chandler accuses Slattery of trying to undermine Dr. Scott in front of the men. He says he needs his XO to be on board. Slattery says that he is.

A helicopter takes off from the Nathan James to scout the base. Despite their previously being 9,000 men stationed there, they find it abandoned. The crew's three target building – the hospital, the fuel depot and the food warehouse – are spread out, so they send in three teams. Slattery tells Green to something does feel right.

Quincy and Dr. Scott are arguing about who should go to Gitmo until Chandler comes in and tells them they'll both be staying behind, because they're too valuable to lose. Scott questions what will happen if they lose Chandler, and he says the mission will continue in Slattery's capable hands. Scott says that, after last night, she's not so sure.

Scott goes to the command center as the teams move in. Foster shows her that Green has a camera on his head so that she can see whatever he sees and communicate with him to make sure she gets everything she needs. Scott notices how cold everyone is towards her for lying for months, and she tries to explain that she had orders from the Pentagon.

The teams at Gitmo have 60 minutes of air with then, which they try to conserve. The fuel team reaches their destination, but need to find a valve wheel to start the fueling.

Quincy tries to set off poisonous gas on the ship, but he's stopped by Rios. Quincy passes it off as trying to turn off the air conditioner in his room.

The fuel team finds the valve and the ship begins fueling. The hospital team finds lots of infected. Scott lists off all the things she needs, but singles out a centrifuge when she sees it.

The food team comes across a body hanging out of a Humvee. They start putting on their air masks when a man with a gun runs towards them, screaming that he's an American and that they need to get away. The Humvee explodes.

The food team gets up and alerts the ship and the other teams that they are under attack by unknown hostiles. The man who ran at them screaming tries to convince the food team that he's on their side. He tells them it was Al-Qaeda who set the bomb and have set up to attack. He's a private guard, the last of several survivors who freed the prisoners, figuring the virus would nullify any past political allegiances. The prisoners turned on them, leaving him as the only one left. He says there are 14 prisoners still alive. Several went to guard the food, but three went towards the ship with rocket launchers. Slattery halts the fueling. The man introduces himself as Tex and tells Chandler that he can get him into the food warehouse if he's willing to get his hands dirty.

Hospital only has about 12 minutes of air left. Despite Scott telling Green that he should go, Green continues to gather equipment and tells his team they'll be out in ten minutes.

Slattery discovers the ship is still fueling. Fuel team says the valve is frozen. They keep trying, but the valve stem shot and they can't turn off the fuel. They're attacked by Al-Qaeda and the chief engineer is wounded. They realize the Al-Qaeda en are aiming for the fuel tank. The Nathan James fires one of the ship's guns, taking out the attackers. Rios heads out to provide medical assistance.

Tex leads Chandler's team towards the warehouse. Along the way, they discover one of Tex's men dead and strung up on a fence.

With less than five minutes of air left, the hospital team tries to leave, but the doors have been chained shut and Al-Qaeda fires on them from outside.

Slattery says he's going to send Chandler's team to help the hospital team, but Green says not to. He has an idea. Meanwhile, a firefight erupts in the warehouse. Green sends his men to the roof to take out the Al-Qaeda men, then blows out the hospital doors to exit. On the way out, more men fire at them and wound one. With Rios already at the fuel pump, Slattery sends Scott.

The firefight continues in the food warehouse. Tex stabs one terrorist with his own knife.

Scott arrives on the beach to tend to the wounded. Green is angry that Rios isn't there, but Scott manages to stop the bleeding artery.

Two Al-Qaeda members bring Tex out as a hostage in front of Chandler.

The terrorist, Amir, demands half of the food be left behind.  Chandler tries to talk him down, but he won't listen. He speaks in a way that secretly gives the Nathan James the order to fire shells as a distraction. They do and the team takes out the terrorists. Chandler invites Tex on board and he accepts.

The ship is loading up its supplies. Quincy tells the crew that a machine got tipped over in the lab and that he'll need 3-4 hours to recalibrate before they can leave. Just then a ship claiming to be the British Suffolk moves towards the Nathan James. They ask for food and an association and Chandler agrees to meet them.

Scott is helping Rios in the medical bay. Green seems to have warmed to her. Chandler asks for a word with her. He tells her she has nothing to prove and not to do it again.

Green is going through Franklin's stuff when Foster comes in. He says he should be getting it together for Franklin's family, but he's not sure that there's anyone left to send it to. He starts to cry and Foster comforts him.

Granderson tells Chandler that they can't confirm the signal from the Suffolk, but they don't believe its British. The ship comes into view and Chandler sees it's the Russian. The Russian commander says the Nathan James has something he wants.