The Office’s Kate Flannery Reveals Her Favorite Meredith Moment

The Office is officially available to stream on Peacock, which features some exciting never-before-scene extras. In honor of The Office's new home, recently had the chance to chat with a couple of cast members from the series, including Kate Flannery, who played Meredith Palmer. Throughout the show's nine seasons, Meredith was a hilarious character known for being unfiltered and loving booze. Peacock already includes a list of Flannery's favorite episodes, so we took it a step further and asked the actor if she had a favorite Meredith moment.

"It's hard to pick one, but I will say 'Moroccan Christmas,' when Michael Scott ... is dragging Meredith into rehab in the parking lot. That was really one of my favorite things. Paul Feig was directing. The whole thing was improvised, which is rare. Normally, I got to improvise once in a while, like, in a scene but not the whole thing. Because I think they were planning on putting a voiceover on top of it," Flannery explained. "There was one, but you could still hear us. Which I, you know, working with Steve. I mean, he's the master. It was like a masterclass every time. And being one-on-one with him was always the biggest gift."

We also asked Flannery if there was a moment during the show's run when she realized that it was going to change her life.

"Oh yeah, yeah well, I was still waiting tables during the first season, and I quit right before we started Season Two. So I was extremely aware of how my life was changing. And then actually, at the end of Season Two, I started dating the still photographer from NBC, who was working on the show. And so my life completely, in two years, I was like, 'Okay, wait a minute. I'm 40, I get a great job' ... Which never happens as a woman or anybody, whatever. And then I get a guy, too? And have you seen the wardrobe on the show? I was like, 'I'm never going to get laid working on this show. I look insane.'" She jokingly added, "So, even if I get hit by a real car, it was worth it."

You can watch our full interview with Kate Flannery at the top of the page!


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