True Blood Season 7: In the Weeks Ahead Trailer Released

HBO have released a new trailer for the seventh and final season of their hit supernatural drama True Blood, which kicked off on Sunday night.

The spoiler-heavy teaser, which gives an idea of what to expect in the final season, plays up the character interplay and relationships on the series.

Some reviews of the new season have noted that if there was a weaknkess to the premiere, it may have been in the fact that so much time was spent on the relationship between Sookie and Alcide, a relationship installed by remote during the six-month time jump at the end of Season Six and so one most of the readers are not particularly invested in.  That relationship, though, appears to be the crux of a lot of what's going on this year, so that will either help retroactively "sell" the premiere and thus the season-long story going forward, or hurt the season, depending on how it's handled.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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