Violinist Plays Star Wars Medley With Lightsaber Bow


Taylor Davis is a super-talent violinist that is well known for covering popular songs from movies, video games and television shows, such as Frozen, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and The Legend of Zelda. With The Force Awakens opening this weekend, she put together a sensational Star Wars medley.

To make it extra-special, Davis wore two costumes to represent the light and the dark side of the force dueling. Even her bow had an LED strip glued to it to make it seem like it she was playing her violin with a lightsaber. The video was uploaded on Wednesday and it already has over 200K hits.

Check out her medley in the video below. Plus, a behind-the-scenes video to see how it all came together.

In this continuation of the Star Wars saga, balance returns to the Force as the First Order, emerging from the ashes of the Empire, clashes with the Resistance, which includes scrappy newcomers as well as heroes from the former Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now playing at your local theater.