Andrew Lincoln Says Rick Grimes Wants To Get Things Done In Season 6

The Walking Dead's sixth season is approaching and Andrew Lincoln has opened up a bit about what we'll see from his Rick Grimes character when we head back to Alexandria.

"You meet a man at the end of season 5 that is unequivocal about how we should defend and secure this new world, and it is a feasible world, he believes," Lincoln told EW. "And I think that you see a man going into motion about that. But, you know, respectful of the hierarchy over there, but very possessive, and he's not integrating as well as he could. And maybe that's his Achilles heel."

Lincoln described Alexandria as "a community that suddenly is not just about fight or flight. It's about rebuilding and starting over. People have choices again. It's not just about following one leader." By the sounds of it, it's out with the Ricktatorship and in with the Alexandria Deannamocracy. "It becomes more of a society. It's not a dictatorship, but it's certainly run by a very pragmatic woman that is realizing that she has to change, because she's ill-equipped. She has no information about what is out there, and this guy does. So maybe it's a leader and a general. I don't know," he explained.

About Rick though, Lincoln says, "He's not taking any s— from anybody." That's what we like to hear! What about Jessie though? He is fresh off of executing her husband, so what's going to happen there? "Yeah, first date's going to be kind of a challenge," Lincoln says. "[Alexandra Breckenridge] is a terrific actress, and you will see an amazing evolution of her character in a very short space of time. And we got to do a great few scenes on Friday, and it's amazing how time heals."


The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 11 at 9 PM EST on AMC.