Atop the Fourth Wall Passes 400 Episodes As the Movie Comes to DVD

Louis Lovhaug's Atop the Fourth Wall, the long-running webseries in which Lovhaug stars as Linkara, a comic book reviewer who operates on board a spaceship called Comichron 1 and battles a variety of cosmic threats, has just passed its 400th episode.

In case that weren't cause enough for celebration, the event -- in which he reviewed Marvel Super Special #7, an adaptation of the Beatles album and rock opera Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, came on the heels of the announcement that Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie is now available on DVD.

Lovhaug plays numerous characters on the series, in which other producers and performers from Channel Awesome, the family of websites of which his show is a part, also appear. Linkara reviews bad comic books, old and new, providing a snarky commentary track for comedic value as well as analytic (think Mystery Science Theater 3000, which he often references).

The feature film was funded with more than $40,000 via IndieGoGo, which filmed in April of last year.

"Linkara's character may undergo some transformations, though how obvious that'll be to the average viewer is debatable," Lovhaug told of the movie last year. "The main storyline itself [of the webseries] won't be DEEPLY affected, but I do have other ideas down the line that stem from the movie."


The film is available at Amazon for $25, and there's a second DVD Lovhaug has also made available that collects his previous three comics-riffing DVDs into one package for the same $25 pricetag.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band represents Lovhaug's first episode with a significant amount of music, including a handful of performances by Lovhaug himself.