Brock Lesnar Not Scheduled For TV Until 2017

The ending at Survivor Series was stunning in a variety of ways, and successfully peaked people's [...]

The ending at Survivor Series was stunning in a variety of ways, and successfully peaked people's interest in what was going to happen on Monday Night Raw the next night. While Goldberg did make his presence felt on RAW with a big announcement, Brock Lesnar was nowhere to be seen.

That was a rather surprising way to start a program between the two superstars, though it doesn't appear they will deviate from that course anytime soon. Lesnar only has one scheduled date for the remainder of 2016, and that one isn't even televised, as it's a house show in Mexico City against Rusev (via WhatCulture). That means that fans won't likely see a progression of the feud until January's Royal Rumble, an event that Goldberg announced he would take part in on RAW.

This isn't shocking news in and of itself, as Lesnar has always worked this type of schedule. During the John Cena feud, he only showed up in spurts, with his advocate Paul Heyman doing most of the talking on television. The same can be said for his small feuds (if they can even be called that) with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and most recently Randy Orton.

None of those feuds had the immense drawing power that this had, though, so it does seem like a missed opportunity to capitalize on the heat from Survivor Series. Goldberg stunned millions when he essentially subjected Lesnar to a squash match, and there are many out there who want to see how Lesnar reacts. Subjecting those fans to two more show specific pay-per-view until they get any kind of answer is a bit of a stretch, and the storyline might lose some of its steam.

Granted, anytime you involve Brock Lesnar and Goldberg in a match it's bound to get some traction, but possibly not as much as it could have. Also noteworthy is that rumors suggest Lesnar was the one who pushed for this match, setting up a long term feud with Goldberg. If that is true, hats off, because it worked brilliantly. It's disappointing to see the loss of momentum, but odds are plenty will still tune in once Lesnar does make his long-awaited return to television, and at least fans get to see Goldberg in the Royal Rumble.

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