Cody Rhodes Officially Released From WWE

UPDATE 6:00PM ET - Cody Rhodes Has Released An Official StatementOn his Twitter page, Cody made a [...]

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UPDATE 6:00PM ET - Cody Rhodes Has Released An Official Statement

On his Twitter page, Cody made a statement about his release and how it came about.

In it, Cody mentions that he wanted to go for the WWE World Championship and try one more run as Cody Rhodes, not Stardust, and become the WWE World Champion as his father had never been able to capture the top title in the company. He also talks about how he sees his work is better suited elsewhere and mentions going back into acting and becoming prolific in that. He did name Vince McMahon and Triple H as sources that turned down the chance to return to the main even tier, and makes some not-so-polite remarks about the SmackDown! writers room as well.

He finalizes the statement with how it's a professional wrestler and that's what he'll do and says how this isn't a "goodbye".

Original Story:

Cody Rhodes has left the WWE.

Announcing earlier last week he had asked for his release from the top sport-entertainment company and now it's been confirmed by WWE that he was granted it.

Son of wrestling legend "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, Cody had donned many masks in the company with the most recent being the eccentric and bizarre "Prince of Dark Matter" Stardust. Along with his brother, Dustin, aka Goldust, he captured the Tag Team Championship as well as the Intercontinental Championship twice. Last Summer, he was in a major publicized feud with Arrow's leading man, Stephen Amell, and even talked to ComicBook about his match against the famous actor at SummerSlam.

Rhodes had been floating around the midcard scene and also used as an enhancement talent as of late, but still one of the most distinctive characters in the WWE roster. Cody's wife Brandi, known to the WWE Universe as Eden recently tweeted how proud she was of his decision.

Cody has his whole life ahead of him and as we've discussed already, full of opportunities that could await this talented man.