Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Rules Out Green Lantern As DC Comics Character He Will Play

Dwayne Johnson DC Comics Movie

As part of his #AskRock Twitter Q&A with fans celebrating the release of the new Hercules trailer, Dwayne Johnson told fans that Green Lantern John Stewart is not the character he has agreed to play for DC Entertainment. The declaration comes on the heels of earlier comments that the character he plays will have Superman-level power and be somebody who hasn't already appeared onscreen. Johnson said he hoped to put his own stamp on the character and infuse his own personality into it. Many fans had been speculating that Johnson would play Stewart already, and when the actor said he "couldn't say" whether his character would wear a ring in the upcoming film, some took that as evidence that he would be playing Green Lantern, a character who gets his powers from his ring. Why, the logic went, would Johnson not be allowed to rule a character out? Well, apparently he is allowed to rule a character out, as that's what he seemingly just did with a follow-up tweet when asked who his favorite superheroes were:


Johnson was once attached to Black Adam as the villain in a prospective Shazam! movie, and also to a Lobo feature film that never got off the ground. He said that his current project is a character who is well-known but who hasn't had a big-screen incarnation, allowing him to have more creative freedom in interpreting the character without bumping up against audience expectations.