Fans Flock To Carrie Fisher's Impromptu Walk Of Fame Star

Yesterday, the world lost a living legend in Carrie Fisher, acclaimed actress, author, and vocal [...]

Yesterday, the world lost a living legend in Carrie Fisher, acclaimed actress, author, and vocal supporter of issues related to mental health. The impact she left on the entire world cannot be understated, so fans in Hollywood headed over to Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to show their appreciation in the best way they could.

When walking down Hollywood Boulevard, you merely have to look down to see many stars who have proven their legacy in movies, TV, or music, but many fans were shocked to learn that Fisher has never been honored with a star. Some supporters decided to make an impromptu star in her honor, using one of the nameless stars already embedded in the sidewalk, and the city has taken notice.

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Flowers, candles, notes, and cinnamon rolls have all been dropped off by fans who want to pay their respects, but more than paying respects to Fisher, it serves as a location for group mourning.

The star itself reads: "Carrie Fisher. May the Force be with you always. Hope."

When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Dagan Hanson said, "I'm shocked she doesn't already have a star," adding, "But I'm not at all surprised a fan made one for her."

Another fan spoke with THR about the grieving process, saying, "I think the thing that is sadder than her not having an official star is that people are worried about whether she finished [Episode VIII]." Sean Fryer, on vacation from Florida, identifies the strange priorities, saying, "Like, that's what they care about. You're talking about a person's life."

It should be noted that, despite not already having a star, there are multiple steps that must be taken. You must be voted on as deserving one, must raise $30,000, and make a plea for yourself in front of a committee. In other words, the stars are not bestowed upon someone, but rather someone must actively champion that reasons you deserve one, as well as pay the committee responsible for them $30,000.

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