Update: Karl Urban Reportedly Confirms Dredd 2 Is In Development

At Denver Comic Con, actor Karl Urban broke some surprise news to the audience (via [...]


At Denver Comic Con, actor Karl Urban broke some surprise news to the audience (via Sciencefiction.com).

Dredd 2 is currently in development.

Now, take that for what you will, since in development could mean a myriad of things. The key thing is, in some form or fashion, it's being worked on. That's an improvement over the constant "there are discussions" comment that fans have heard ad nauseam over the last few years.

The first Dredd was well received critically and by general audiences, but it failed to ignite at the box office. With a budget of 50 million, the movie only generated a worldwide total of $35,626,525 million. Urban has gone on the record before about the marketing failures of the film.

"Dredd represented a failure in marketing. I saw the tracking of that film weeks before it came out and the fundamental problem was no one knew it was being released," Urban told Yahoo! News. "Once it came out on DVD and it sold 750,000 copies in the first week alone in North America alone, it was very clear that the audience had discovered it."

Ever since there has been an outcry for a new Dredd project in some capacity, whether that be on Television, Netflix, Amazon, or the myriad of other streaming services. A fan-driven Kickstarter was even considered, but hopefully now that early work has started on a script, fans won't have to pony up for the bill.

Update: Karl Urban took to Twitter to clarify recent reports on the status of Dredd 2.

Options have been discussed but the sequel is not in development.