Latest Installment In Child's Play Franchise Title Discovered

The Child's Play franchise is proving to be just as tough to kill as Chucky himself, as the title for the next installment in the horror-comedy franchise has been discovered as "Cult of Chucky."

It's been almost 30 years since audiences met the killer Chucky, a Good Guy doll whose body was inhabited by the soul of a murderer, but horror fans can't seem to get enough of his kills and quips. The last few installments, starting with Bride of Chucky, continuing with Seed of Chucky, and recently Curse, might not be well-known amongst your average moviegoers, but the horror community helps to keep the series strong.

Even more impressive than a 7th film being in the works is that writer Don Mancini is attached, who has written every single Child's Play installment (along with Brad Douriff having voiced the killer doll in each installment), helping maintain a consistency in quality that's absent in other long-running franchises. Mancini is currently rumored to be directing Cult of Chucky, thanks to the success of having directed the last two installments, so whether you love Chucky or hate him, at least we get to see exactly what the character's creator wants to do with him.


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