Nicolas Cage Reportedly Offered Lead Role In Ronald Reagan Biopic

From super hero films to drama to action and adventure, few actors have as varied of a career as Nicolas Cage. If recent rumors are true, it looks like Cage will step into the historic shoes as Ronald Reagen, our 40th president.

Cage's publicist Stephen Huvane declined to discuss any details on the movie, saying, "It's way too early in the development process." This film is not to be confused with the other Reagan movie that was recently in development, that had Will Ferrell attached to star. That film was set to follow an intern who worked closely with the president to convince him he was actually just an actor playing the president.

The Ferrell-starring Reagan picture was canceled amid controversy after the late president's children spoke out against it. Rather, this Cage-starring biopic will show the president in a much more flattering light and highlight all of his accomplishments.

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[H/T Page Six]